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Diamonds of colours, a rainbow of symbols

Imbued with Japanese culture and endowed with unlimited creativity, Marzia Kjellberg, or @itsmarziapie, presents with COURBET a first collection with pop and sour shades, faithful to her universe as to the ecological jeweller's.

She is Italian, married to a Swedish man with a well-known alias, @pewdiepie, and together they live in Tokyo. As a designer and entrepreneur, Marzia makes gentleness an art of living, and shares with her community of over eight million people her daily life surrounded by animals and Japanese landscapes, between breathtaking urbanism and wild nature. 

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It all begins in an office decorated with rainbow colours, somewhere in Tokyo. It is in this place, where Marzia usually draws according to her inspirations, that the first drafts of the collection came to life.

Sustainability is a matter close to her heart, so why not put her creativity at its service? Starting with her favourite COURBET creations, Marzia imagines a delicate and colourful set with an iconic M-shaped tassel at the end of which a star dances.

And suddenly, simplicity waltzes with joy...

Discover the creations

She recalls a ring in the middle of a sentence, the first piece of jewellery her father gave her mother, which she inherited years later and which symbolises everything jewellery means to her: love, creativity and excellence.

The ravishing Marzia has reinterpreted designs from COURBET and given them super powers - the power of coloured diamonds combined with her signature.

The collection consists of five iconic pieces: a cord bracelet, mono hoop earrings, a pendant necklace and a ring. Each one carries Marzia' sparkling spirit while remaining faithful to the identity of COURBET jewellery.
Lab-grown diamonds, like the mine diamonds, exist in almost every colour of the rainbow, and here they illuminate recycled gold, anticipating the first light of spring.

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Each diamond colour is associated with a virtue: blue for power, pink for romance, green for harmony, orange for willpower and of course white for love!

COURBET and Marzia have combined on the CÉLESTE linked band and the mono hoop earring a stone of each colour charged with the good energies that every woman would like to possess: a real festival of colour!

The pendant necklace features Marzia's emblematic M set with a white diamond star.

Finally, the LET'S COMMIT bracelet, along with the collection's famous signature charm, will be sold for the benefit of the International Animal Rescue association (which will receive 15% of the price of the bracelets), a testimony of COURBET and Marzia's unconditional love for animals.

Beauty takes on colour, to the delight of COURBET.

Discover the creations

Discover the collection Marzia x COURBET

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