Without goodness,
beauty means nothing.

At the heart of Place Vendôme, Courbet offers a sustainable and ethical alternative to traditional jewellery.

Our diamonds are laboratory-grown, our gold is recycled.
Create and preserve the magic of the universe, such is the beauty of our mission.

Courbet, named after the painter who dreamt of a new Place Vendôme.

Courbet, the unconventional and disruptive artist who shocked France with his painting L’Origine du Monde, expressed the wish to tear down the column from the Place Vendôme and move it to the Invalides during the Paris Commune. In its place he imagined a monument to the glory of peace, a monument that would open onto the rue de la Paix, or the road of peace.

There is nothing more wonderful
Than a gemstone,
Nothing more precious
Than the Universe

We are gemstone experts,
We are respectful of  our planet.
Today we are making an engagement.

Born of advanced technological magic
at the forefront of science,
Our laboratory-grown diamonds
Emerge from the same forces
As those from the depths of the Earth

As true diamonds,
Their gemological characteristics,
Carat, clarity, quality, color, and shape,
Are remarkably consistent

At the heart of the Place Vendôme
We are reinventing the fine art of jewellery
While holding on to the traditions
Of elegance and excellence

Jeweller with Values

This new diamond : an alternative

Our diamonds are laboratory-grown in conditions that recreate the same forces as those from the depths of the Earth. Born of the highest technological magic and the mysteries of science, our diamonds are just as precious as our values.Find out more.

Gold, again and again

Courbet only uses 100% traceable recycled 18K gold. An informed choice when you consider the pollution created by the extraction of gold from the natural world. Find out more.

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We invite you to come and discover all of our collections at the Courbet apartment, 7 place Vendôme, or directly from your home on video call.

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