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SEPTEMBRE 12, 2022

COURBET: a bespoke commitment

Whether we talk about the painter or the sustainable jeweller, COURBET has always been thinking outside the box.
Since its foundation, the Maison has been thinking of those who precisely "don’t fit" the norm
and who also live for creativity and beauty.

A piece of jewellery arises from ancestral know-how that were born on Place Vendôme. At first, it all starts from a dream.

Imagination and creativity are keywords that resonate in COURBET's parisian apartment. They encourage each customer to become his own artistic director by developing a bespoke jewellery, always made with recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds.

Inspiration is sometimes drawn from dreams, but can also spring up from the past. What’s more beautiful than paying tribute to a loved and admired relative’s vintage jewellery ?

In COURBET' spirit, a bespoke creation adroitly juggles between past and future, always rhyming with present.

This creative portfolio blooms on Place Vendôme, following a first appointment with the designer, in COURBET's apartment. A million ideas later, the jewellery stands into the palm of your hand, ready to tell a unique story, yours.

Dream a little dream of your creation.


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