• Bracelet CO beige sable - Or jaune 18K (1,30 g) et diamant 0,05 carat - Rond - Courbet
    • Bracelet CO beige sable - Or jaune 18K (1,30 g) et diamant 0,05 carat - Plat - Courbet
    • Association - Drakenstein Lion Park - Courbet

    Drakenstein Lion Park yellow gold bracelet

    390 €

    As part of its Let's Commit solidarity program, Courbet donates 15% of the sale price of this bracelet to Drakenstein Lion Park, which offers captured lions a new start on their lives in the savannah.

    Bracelet in 18K yellow gold (1.30 g)

    Sand beige waxed organic cotton

    Lab-created diamond

    • Weight : 0.05 carat
    • Color superior or equal to F
    • Clarity superior or equal to VS

    Come and see this creation at the Courbet apartment or by video with one of our advisor.

    Delivery within 20 working days

    The Co bracelet’s design is based on the first two letter of the Courbet, C and O - the two letters that next to each other forms the latin prefix CO, which means together and that we find in many words holding values and meaning

    Bracelets CO beige sable - Or jaune 18K

    Drakenstein Lion Park : Let's give the Savanna back to its lions

    Lions are an emblem of the great African plains, know for their magnificence and their wild nature. Today the species is oftentimes held captive and it is no longer possible to rehabilitate lions that have lost their instincts into the wild.

    Drakenstein Lion Park leads a rescue initiative for factory farmed cubs by helping international animal welfare organizations and by providing lions with a safe heaven where they are free from abuse and persecution. The charity provides them with food, veterinary care and a safe habitat thanks to donations made by individuals willing to adopt a lion or companies such as Courbet that hold animal welfare dear to their hearts.

    Bracelets CO beige sable - Or jaune 18K