• Bracelet CO bleu nuage  - Or blanc 18K (1,30 g), diamant 0,05 ct - Rond - Courbet
    • Bracelet CO bleu nuage  - Or blanc 18K (1,30 g), diamant 0,05 ct - Plat - Courbet
    • Association - Action enfance - Courbet
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    Action enfance white gold bracelet

    390 €

    As part of its solidarity program Let’s Commit, the Maison Courbet undertakes to pay 15% of the selling price of this bracelet to the association Action Enfance, which helps to protect the unity of the siblings when the children of a family must be placed on a judge’s decision.

    Bracelet in 18K white gold (1.30 g)

    Sky blue waxed organic cotton

    Lab-created diamond

    • Weight : 0.05 carat
    • Color superior or equal to F
    • Clarity superior or equal to VS

    Come and see this creation at the Courbet apartment or by video with one of our advisor.

    Delivery within 5 working days

    The Co bracelet’s design is based on the first two letter of the Courbet, C and O - the two letters that next to each other forms the latin prefix CO, which means together and that we find in many words holding values and meaning

    Bracelet cordon bleu CO - Or jaune 18K, diamant synthétique

    Action Enfance : Let's keep siblings together

    In 2016, child protection services in France were taking care or nearly 300 000 children. Whenever a child is brought in front of a judge for abuse or neglect, they will end up being placed 50% of the time.
    The mission of Action Enfance is to welcome, protect and educate children in need. This support is carried out from infancy to adulthood. Action Enfance, Growing up in children villages, has the particularity of keeping siblings together. The younger ones help responsabilise their elders while the older ones reassure their little brothers and sisters.
    If the Association is funded at 80% by local social services, private investors such as Courbet allow it to organize outings, birthday parties, gym games, etc.

    Bracelet cordon bleu CO - Or rose 18K, diamant synthétique