• Bracelet CO bleu orage  - Or blanc 18K (1,30 g), diamant 0,05 ct - Rond - Courbet
    • Bracelet CO bleu orage  - Or blanc 18K (1,30 g), diamant 0,05 ct - Plat - Courbet
    • Association - Project Rescue Ocean - Courbet

    Project Rescue Ocean white gold bracelet

    390 €

    As part of its Let's Commit solidarity programme, Courbet donates 15% of the sale price of this bracelet to the Project Rescue Ocean association, which organises large-scale actions to clean beaches and the sea.

    Bracelet in 18K white gold (1.30 g)

    Dark blue waxed organic cotton

    Lab-created diamond

    • Weight : 0.05 carat
    • Color superior or equal to F
    • Clarity superior or equal to VS

    Come and see this creation at the Courbet apartment or by video with one of our advisor.

    Delivery within 20 working days

    The Co jewel’s design is based on the first two letter of the Courbet, C and O - the two letters that next to each other forms the latin prefix CO, which means together and that we find in many words holding values and meaning

    Bracelet cordon bleu orage CO - Or blanc 18K (1,30 g), diamant 0,05 carat

    Project Rescue Ocean : Let's clean the seas

    The Project Rescue Ocean charity was founded in 2017 after Benoît Schumann gained awareness on the pressing matter of global warming.

    This professional firefighter had gotten into the habit of sharing pictures of astounding and unusual waste he would find during his dives in the Mediterranean sea. Willing to act more than to condemn, and with the general public support as well as of personalities such as Jean Dujardin, he set up Project Rescue Ocean and now organizes field actions.
    He plans on educating children on the beaches with a ludic approach, but also with major depolluting actions. To this day, 20 tons of waste have been removed from the coasts.

    Bracelet cordon bleu orage CO - Or jaune 18K (1,30 g), diamant 0,05 carat