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    Paris Tout P'tits yellow gold bracelet

    390 €

    As part of its solidarity program Let’s Commit, the Maison Courbet undertakes to pay 15% of the selling price of this bracelet to the association Paris Tout P’tits to help infant with malnutrition issues.

    Bracelet in 18K yellow gold (1.30 g)

    Rosewood waxed organic cotton

    Lab-created diamond

    • Weight : 0.05 carat
    • Color superior or equal to F
    • Clarity superior or equal to VS

    Come and see this creation at the Courbet apartment or by video with one of our advisor.

    Delivery within 5 working days

    The Co bracelet’s design is based on the first two letter of the Courbet, C and O - the two letters that next to each other forms the latin prefix CO, which means together and that we find in many words holding values and meaning

    Bracelet cordon bois de rose CO - Or jaune 18K, diamants synthétiques

    Paris Tout P'tits : Let's get food aid and sanitation for babies

    Certain families, oftentimes single-parent ones, are in a state of precocity that puts their newborns at risk of malnutrition. It can have severe repercussions on children’s general development at a cerebral, physical and social level.
    The Paris Tout P’tits Association was born in 1997. It is now run by Ariane Poniatowski. Under her presidency, Paris Tout P'tits constitutes boxes of instant formula, baby food and diapers that are then distributed to families in need in one of the two collect points in Paris. Last year, over 52 000 boxes contributed to helping over 4 000 babies.
    The charity runs on public and private funds such as Courbet's initiative to dedicate 15% of the saying price of its dusky pink bracelet to the non profit.

    Bracelets CO - Or jaune 18K, diamant synthétique