Shipping and returns

Is the delivery included ?

The shipment cost is included when shipped within EU.

For international shipping, the price is excluding VAT plus 50€ of delivery. All duties and taxes will be at the customer’s expense.

Are the returns free of charge?

Returns are free within EU. The shipment cost of returns from outside EU will be at your expense.

What are the delivery lead times for orders from the website?

Courbet will ship within 20 days after you order. If your jewelry requires an adjustment in one of our workshops, we will ship within 2 or 3 weeks and you will be notified of this timeline before proceeding with the payment and confirmation of your order.

How can I return a purchase or a gift made to me?

Please contact us by email on : or by phone at +33 6 42 95 79 11. We will send a ship slip for free shipping within EU. Returns from outside EU will be at your expense and we will provide instructions how to proceed once you have contacted us.

Can I get the jewelry I ordered faster ?

In case you urgently need the piece you ordered, please contact us by phone at + 33 1 83 75 74 20 or by mail at We will find a solution.

Will you deliver outside the European Union ?

Courbet delivers worldwide.

Is the paiement on secure?

All your purchases on Courbet’s website are secured by System Pay, Banque Populaire.