7 place Vendôme, Paris

This winter 2019, the jeweler of ecology, ethics and progress, Courbet, introduces jewels set with the first ever French diamonds. To celebrate this milestone, Courbet dedicates to them a limited edition collection with a typical Parisian design: Pont des Arts.

"Without goodness, beauty means nothing"

Maison Courbet offers a new jewellery; ecological and ethical, modern and creative, respectful of know-how.

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Showroom 7 Place Vendôme, Paris - Courbet - Courbet

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❍ 7 Place Vendôme, Paris

Come to discover and try our jewels at the Courbet showroom, located on 7 place Vendôme, Paris.
+33 1 83 75 74 20

Bijouterie Printemps Haussmann, Paris - Courbet - Courbet

❍ Printemps Haussmann, Paris

Come to discover and try our jewels at the Courbet boutique of Printemps Haussmann, Parisian department store.
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What is a lab-grown diamond ?

This lab-grown diamond is a diamond, it is the fruit of human ingenuity that reproduces the magic of Nature. It is a diamond with the same physical, chemical and optical properties as a mined diamond.

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The Courbet "savoir-faire"

Courbet may have taken the disruptive decision to work only with lab-grown diamonds, the techniques we use when making our jewellery are rooted in centuries of tradition.

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  • Bague Celeste - Or jaune 18K (5,20 g), diamants 0,50 ct - Courbet - Courbet
  • Place Vendôme, bague or blanc - diamants synthétiques - Courbet - Courbet
  • Bague Celeste - or jaune - diamants synthétiques - Courbet - Courbet
  • Bague 2Courbet - or rose - diamants synthétiques - Courbet - Courbet

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Courbet, according to the painter who dreamed of a new place Vendôme.

Disruptive from the moment he painted L'origine du monde, lovers of women and nature, Gustave Courbet is also a revolutionary of the place Vendôme. During the commune of Paris, he wanted to relocate the famous Vendôme column to the military monument Invalides. At its place, he imagined a monument to glorify peace, to be situated on the street of the same name.

The universe of Maison Courbet is linked to the history of the famous painter Gustave Courbet. With its strong symbolic design and strong values, Maison Courbet places ecology and ethics at the top of its priorities in order to change the statements of place Vendôme. Courbet exclusively uses cultured diamonds, created in the laboratory as well as recycled ecological gold. Courbet offers a positive alternative without stigmatizing a millennial tradition and demonstrating its ability to adapt to the demand of a changing world.

From its showroom at place Vendôme, its boutique at Printemps Haussmann or the website, Courbet intends to make luxury more sustainable and to highlight French savoir-faire.