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Courbet introduces Let's Commit, a partnership programme with twelve associations.

Sauvez le coeur des femmes

>>Discover the red velvet Let’s Commit bracelet, dedicated to the association called Sauvez le coeur des femmes

The AJILA Foundation fights against heart attack and cardiovascular diseases in women. Isabelle Weill, the founder, launched the movement "Sauvez le coeur des femmes”, « Save the women’s hearts » in English, in order to give all women the right to know what is owed to them on cardiovascular diseases. The movement’s aim is to make this issue, too often ignored, accessible and understandable. In France, a country that one might think has been unaffected, these diseases are on the rise, killing more women than all cancers combined.

The "Sauvez le coeur des femmes” movement is therefore about acting and communicating advice through a series of significant and influential actions. As a common denominator, Isabelle organizes events throughout the year to ensure that these diseases are never forgotten and, above all, to change women's lifestyle habits.

Courbet undertakes to pay 15% of the selling price of its Co bracelets with lab-grown diamond without time limitation.

Sauvez le coeur des femmes 2



The Co jewel’s design is based on the first two letter of the Courbet, C and O - the two letters that next to each other forms the latin prefix CO, which means together and that we find in many French and English words holding values and meaning, such committed, collaboration and connection.

Bracelet or jaune - diamant synthétique - collection CO - decor



Light and sparkly, the generous diamond pavés of the Celeste collection will bring brilliance to your everyday life.

Bague collection Celeste - diamants synthétiques - décor

Les solitaires


The solitair celebrates the magestic beauty of the diamond, in all simplicity. Pure and elegant, it is the most timeless of all the engagement rings. Depending the sought after effect, a 4 prong setting with a more square style or a 6 prong setting with a rounder appearance will be preferred.

Bague de fiançailles or blanc - diamants synthétiques - decor
Jeweller with values

Jeweller with values

There is nothing more wonderful
Than a gemstone,
Nothing more precious
Than the Universe

We are gemstone experts,
We are respectful of  our planet.
Today we are making an engagement.

Born of advanced technological magic
at the forefront of science,
Our laboratory-grown diamonds
Emerge from the same forces
As those from the depths of the Earth

As true diamonds,
Their gemological characteristics,
Carat, clarity, quality, color, and shape,
Are remarkably consistent

At the heart of the Place Vendôme
We are reinventing the fine art of jewellery
While holding on to the traditions
Of elegance and excellence

Jeweller with Values

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Bracelet O2 - Or blanc 18K (5,00 g), diamants 0,36 carat

O2 bangle in white gold

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Bague 2 Courbet - Or rose 18K (7,00g), 2 diamants (1 rose) 1ct

2 COURBET ring in rose gold

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Bracelet cordon bois de rose CO - Or jaune 18K (1,30 g), diamant 0,05 carat

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