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"Without goodness, beauty means nothing"

During past years a new diamond emerges to disrupt an industry known to be conservative. Rather than being born in the depths of the earth, this diamond emanates from strong ethics, deeply held values, and from the most brilliant minds of Silicon Valley. The result is an opportunity for a more conscious choice. Introducing the Maison Courbet: the jewelry brand derived from an alternative world class diamond. The mission of the House of Courbet is to offer the next generation of modern and ethical, sustainable and creative jewelry that respects the long held Place Vendôme traditions of the art of luxury jewelry.

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What is a laboratory-grown diamond ?

This lab-grown diamond is a diamond, with the same physical, chemical and optical properties as a mined diamond. The only difference is their point of origin - in the ground for a mined diamond, above the ground for a lab-grown diamond – and the impact they have on the environment and on the people working to produce them.

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Every piece of jewellery begins with an inspiration and a context. Our designer sits down with you and, as the conversation flows, sketches the outlines of your future jewel. Thanks to the latest 3D technology, you can adjust the design as your ring comes to life, before your eyes. For jewellery that is unique to you, our creative director guides you through every step to produce a beautiful bespoke design. Enquiries are welcome by email at or by telephone on +33 1 83 75 74 20. We will devote our expertise to crafting the jewellery of your dreams.



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