COURBET boxes: the art of protecting beauty

"Without goodness beauty means nothing"

COURBET makes this maxim its own, creating jewellery collections that are ever more sustainable, and questioning its savoir-faire down to the smallest detail.

Each piece of jewellery has a unique story that often begins in a small box. More than a simple case, it contains all the creative magic of the Maison and embodies its sustainable approach.

COURBET offers a range of 5 boxes with a compact, streamlined design and an innovative composition. Made from FSC-certified wood, each case is covered in recycled leather from fabric off-cuts with an exceptional finish.

The suede fabric lining the inside of the boxes is 30% plant-based, and no solvents are used in the assembly process. With this demanding, eco-responsible sourcing, the Maison has made its commitment a leitmotiv.

True guardians of the eternal brilliance of creations in recycled gold and lab-gown diamonds, these deep-blue cases are offered and passed on ad infinitum.

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