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For jewellery that is unique to you, our creative director guides you through every step to produce a beautiful bespoke design. Enquiries are welcome by email at or by telephone on +33 6 42 95 79 11. We will devote our expertise to crafting the jewellery of your dreams.

Courbet delights in making your jewellery wishes come true.

An idea takes shape... Every piece of jewellery begins with an inspiration and a context. Our designer sits down with you and, as the conversation flows, sketches the outlines of your future jewel. Thanks to the latest 3D technology, you can adjust the design as your ring comes to life, before your eyes.

An engagement, a wedding or a birth... whatever the occasion, Courbet guides you through the creative process. No two diamonds are the same. Each stone has its own characteristics, its own personality. To help you choose, we take you through the 4Cs of Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut. You also decide on the shape of your diamond: brilliant (round), pear (drop), emerald (rectangular), princess (square), even heart-shaped.

Courbet introduces it's new bespoke wedding band with your initiales, around a laboratory grown diamond or a laboratory grown emerald. A customization you can show or hide in the palm of your hand.

Tell us how you imagine your perfect jewel, and together we will bring it to life.

Our Franco-Swedish designer, Marie-Ann Wachtmeister, works with both an idea and a style in mind. The idea behind the collections she designs is to use the symbolic power of jewellery to capture the magic of the universe. Her style reflects her culture and values: timeless and pure, it shows off the diamond's every facet.

Make your dream jewellery even more special...Personalise your jewellery Our craftsmen can personalise your ring or bracelet with an engraving or a detail known only to you…

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Share your ideas and inspirations by email or by telephone, and take the first step towards the jewellery of your dreams.

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