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COURBET, according to the painter who dreamed of a new Place Vendôme.

Courbet place Vendôme
Courbet place Vendôme

The universe of COURBET is linked to the history of the famous painter Gustave Courbet. Lover of women and nature, Gustave Courbet is also a revolutionary of the Place Vendôme. During the Commune of Paris, he wanted to relocate the famous Vendôme column and instead imagined a monument to glorify peace, to be situated on the street of the same name. In order to challenge the codes of the Place Vendôme, the Maison COURBET has placed ecology and ethics at the top of its priorities.

There is nothing more wonderful
Than a gemstone,
Nothing more precious
Than the Universe

We are gemstone experts,
We are respectful of  our planet.
Today we are making an engagement.
Born of advanced technological magic

At the forefront of science,
Our laboratory-grown diamonds
Emerge from the same forces
As those from the depths of the Earth

As true diamonds,
Their gemological characteristics,
Carat, clarity, quality, color, and shape,
Are remarkably consistent

At the heart of the Place Vendôme
We are reinventing the fine art of jewellery
While holding on to the traditions
Of elegance and excellence

                                             C  O  U  R  B  E  T
                                           Jeweler with Values


You wish to know more about COURBET, its values and its creations? Discover them in our apartment located at 7 place Vendôme or during a remote appointment, directly from your home.

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Our diamonds are laboratory-grown in conditions that recreate the same forces as those from the depths of the Earth. Born of the highest technological magic and the mysteries of science, our diamonds are just as precious as our values.


An informed choice when you consider the pollution created by the extraction of gold from the natural world.


Although COURBET have taken the disruptive decision to work only with lab-grown diamonds, the craftsmanship and the know-how in the making of the jewellery are rooted in centuries of tradition. The craftsmen and women in our manufactures bring precious materials to life, revealing the diamond in all its splendour.



For more information about LET'S COMMIT, click on the following link

Faithful to its values of preservation and protection of the environment of future generations, COURBET introduces LET'S COMMIT, a partnership program with six associations.

The LET'S COMMIT bracelet’s design is based on the first two letter of the COURBET, C and O - the two letters that next to each other forms the latin prefix CO, which means "together" and that we find in many words holding values and meaning.

01 - Environmental

Let's protect our forests 

02 - Wildlife

Let's save wildlife 

03 - Humanitarian 

Let's improve children's lives around the globe 


04 - Environmental 

Let's clean our oceans 

05 - Wildlife 

Let's preserve marine fauna 

06 - Humanitarian

Let's keep siblings together 


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