During past years a new diamond emerges to disrupt an industry known to be conservative. Rather than being born in the depths of the earth, this diamond emanates from strong ethics, deeply held values, and from the most brilliant minds of Silicon Valley. The result is an opportunity for a more conscious choice. Introducing Maison COURBET: the jewellery brand derived from an alternative world class diamond. The mission of COURBET is to offer the next generation of modern and ethical, sustainable and creative jewellery that respects the long held Place Vendôme traditions of the art of luxury jewellery.

COURBET will only use diamonds created in laboratory as well as recycled gold.

We embrace our customer promise to never sell diamonds coming from mines since the mining industry has a significant negative impact on the health of our planet and the working conditions are not in line with our values.

Our collections can be viewed online at and in social media @courbetofficial. We can also set up a virtual visit of the COURBET showroom via WhatsApp, Face Time or Skype. To call us: +33 6 42 95 79 11 or +33 1 83 75 74 20. You are welcome to our showroom, located on 7 Place Vendôme in Paris, in the Cour Vendôme, with a booked appointment from Monday to Saturday.

COURBET uses recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds.

There is 1 kg of gold in every ton of waste from electronics such as smartphones, tablets and computers. These precious metals must be recycled. Our suppliers of recycled 18K gold are mainly sourcing their gold from obsolete electronic goods. Based on the Gold Standard Institute, there is already more gold circulating above Earth than we will ever find in current or new mines. Let’s use and recycle this gold rather than continue to dig for more, pollute our planet and allow the polluting conditions that is unavoidable during extraction.

COURBET is only using diamonds whose cut has been graded at least good.

COURBET is only using diamonds with the highest color - D,E, F or G for engagement rings

COURBET is only using diamonds with clarity grading superior or equal to VS2.

COURBET is only using diamonds whose cut has been graded at least good.

As of 0.5 carat of weight, COURBET’s diamonds are systematically sold with a certificate from an independent internationally recognized gemological institute that will specify the grading of the 4 Cs aspects of quality.

The collections are handcrafted in workshops in France (Paris and Lyon) and Italy (Valenza). They use to work for Place Vendôme brands.

By phone : +33 1 83 75 74 20

By SMS/What’s App : +33 6 42 95 79 11

By email :

Address : COURBET, 7 place Vendôme, 75001 Paris, France.

If you wish to visit our showroom, you are welcome to make an appointment for a virtual tour with your smartphone via the booking function on You can also come in person to discover the collections in COURBET's appartment 7 Place Vendôme in Paris. Please book in advance so that we can assign one of our staff to take care of you. Should you prefer, you can also book by email to or by phone at +33 1 83 75 74 20.