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COURBET breaks into Web3

COURBET is taking over the Web3 and continuing its mission to raise awareness of environmental issues in the jewellery sector and the alternative provided by the lab-grown diamond.

Committing to this approach with a substantial carbon footprint was not an option for the Maison, which is why COURBET waited for the Ethereum blockchain to change its validation method so that the impact of NFT transactions would be reduced by 99.99%, which is now equivalent to one sixth of the carbon footprint of preparing a cappuccino.

After exploiting blockchain technology to strengthen the traceability of its jewellery and payment in crypto-currencies, COURBET continues its rise in the world of new technologies by launching CO Genesis, a hybrid project at the crossroads of Web2 and Web3.

This journey begins with the creation of an original community of passionate people. These privileged individuals are then invited to take part in a series of adventures ranging from the gamified growing of a diamond to the co-creation of a jewellery collection.

To access this new universe, 777 digital membership cards will be made available in May on the Ethereum blockchain, giving access to a series of exclusive advantages such as initiation sessions to the world of lab-grown diamonds, access to certain limited edition products, invitations to brand events and connections with other Web3 projects of the same quality and sharing the same values.

Follow CO Genesis by COURBET on Twitter, Discord and on the official website of the project.