Create my COURBET engagement ring

COURBET offers you the unique opportunity to design every detail of the engagement ring of your dreams. Visualise instantaneously the gold color of your choice, the size of your diamond, its shape, as well as its color and clarity.

1 • Select your favorite COURBET design

2 • The gold color

All COURBET designs are available in white, yellow and rose 18K recycled and traceable gold.

3 • The carat and shape of your diamond

Stones dimensions are not expressed in millimeters but in carat weight. All of COURBET's jewellery is sold with a certificate of authenticity, and an additional certificate will be delivered for each diamond over 0.5 carats.

4 • Choose the feathers of your diamond


The second criterion is the color of the diamond, which is expressed by a letter on the gemmology laboratories certificates. The color D, D as Diamond, is the most precious one, followed by E, F, G …

The closer the diamond’s grading is to D, the more the stone will be colorless and will reflect, like a prism, all the colors of the rainbow when capturing a ray of light.

At COURBET, we are committed to selecting only the most beautiful stones, by focusing on the color grading D, E, F not beyond.


The clarity refers to a characteristic called “inclusions” in the diamond, which are in some ways like “birthmarks”. A diamond that has no visible inclusions is graded Flawless (IF), VVS1-VVS2 for Very Very Small Inclusions, where inclusions are hardly visible through a magnifying glass.

Then, VS1-VS2, is for inclusions in the diamond that are visible under 10x magnification. This is the limit grade for COURBET's diamonds clarity. Thereafter are the SI1-SI2 and SI3 for small inclusions which are easily visible through a magnifying glass.

Finally, I1 - I2 - I3 for Imperfect, where inclusions are visible to the naked eye.


The cut refers to how well the diamond is cut. It is thus the only criterion on which human hands can have an impact on the diamond, by improving it or on the contrary, damage it.

The diamond is a prism as it deflects and decomposes the light. They are graded Ideal, Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor. COURBET’s diamonds are graded above or equal to Very Good.

  • Bespoke engagement ring


    Every love story is unique. Our jewellery brings together traditional know-hows and technological prowess. In order to create the engagement ring that is unique to you, COURBET is also offering a bespoke and custom-made service. Our creative director will guide you through every step to produce your design.

    Please book an appointment in our apartment or by video call to share with us your wishes. We will devote our expertise to crafting the jewellery of your dreams. 

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