Let's Commit for the future

While committed to its values of preserving the environment and protecting the quality of life of future generations, Courbet introduces Let’s Commit, a program supporting eco-friendly and solidarity-based projects.

Let’s Commit

When buying a Let’s Commit bracelet, the client can choose the gold colour of the CO design, the colour of the recycled polyester cord, the size of the diamond, 0.05 or 0.15-carat, as well as the organisation that he or she wishes to support.

With your help, Courbet is participating to six projects focusing on people and the environment

• Protect our forests with the Rainforest Alliance

• Clean our oceans with Ocean Cleanup

• Save wildlife with International Animal Rescue

• Preserve marine fauna with Sea Shepherd

• Improve children's lives around the globe with Save The Children

• Keep siblings together with Action Enfance

The CO design is the symbol of commitment and the face of altruism

The Let’s Commit bracelet design is based on Courbet’s first two letters, C and O. Next to each other, the two letters form latin prefix CO- , which has the meaning of “doing things together”.

Courbet is committed to donating 60 € to one of its partnered associations for the purchase of a Let’s Commit bracelet set with a 0.15-carat lab-created diamond. It is donating 35 € for the purchase of a 0.05-carat Let’s Commit bracelet.

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