Faithful to its values of preserving the environment and protecting the living environment of future generations, Courbet presents Let's Commit, a partnership programme with twelve associations. Courbet is committed to donating 15% of the sale price of its Let's Commit bracelets, on a cord, made of recycled gold and laboratory-created diamonds. This delicate bracelet is available in white, pink and yellow gold. It is set with a 0.05-carat diamond or a 0.15-carat diamond.


Action Enfance : Let's keep siblings together

In 2016, child protection services in France were taking care or nearly 300 000 children. Whenever a child is brought in front of a judge for abuse or neglect, they will end up being placed 50% of the time.

The mission of Action Enfance is to welcome, protect and educate children in need. This support is carried out from infancy to adulthood. Action Enfance, Growing up in children villages, has the particularity of keeping siblings together. The younger ones help responsabilise their elders while the older ones reassure their little brothers and sisters. If the Association is funded at 80% by local social services, private investors such as Courbet allow it to organise outings, birthday parties, gym games, etc.

Blue sky bracelet

Go Red for Women (AJILA Foundation): Let's prevent cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are the number one cause of death for women worldwide, it causes the death of a woman out of three, that is 8 times more than breast cancer does. The AJILA Foundation fights this phenomenon that kills 50 000 people in France every year.

The action of the Foundation consists in fighting cardiovascular diseases by having defibrillators set up at a national scale, by conceiving prevention tools such as the Staying Alive app and by raising awareness. Its founder Isabelle Weill also launched the "Go Red for Women" program in order to inform women, to prevent and to make them aware of cardiovascular diseases.

Red velvet bracelet

My Coral Garden : Let's help our Oceans breathe !

Coral plays a key part in the balance of our ecosystem, it hosts 30% of the world's marine biodiversity, generates 70% of the oxygen that we breathe and reduces the impact of waves on coastal villages. Yet, nearly 50% of coral reefs have now disappeared under the influence of men and of global warming and it is now necessary to take action to preserve the remaining 50% !

My Coral Garden encourages the reduction of plastic, sustainable tourism practices and wants to raise awareness on the impact of coral reefs extinction. The association actively participates in the plantation of resilient corals in Marine Protected Areas following a vegetative cuttings technique that everyone can take part in by donating such as Courbet by donating 15% of the sales of our Let's Commit bracelets.

Coral orange bracelet

Drakenstein Lion Park : Let's give the Savanna back to its lions

Lions are an emblem of the great African plains, know for their magnificence and their wild nature. Today the species is oftentimes held captive and it is no longer possible to rehabilitate lions that have lost their instincts into the wild.

Drakenstein Lion Park leads a rescue initiative for factory farmed cubs by helping international animal welfare organizations and by providing lions with a safe heaven where they are free from abuse and persecution. The charity provides them with food, veterinary care and a safe habitat thanks to donations made by individuals willing to adopt a lion or companies such as Courbet that hold animal welfare dear to their hearts.

Sand beige bracelet

Paris Tout P'tits : Let's get food aid and sanitation for babies

Certain families, oftentimes single-parent ones, are in a state of precocity that puts their newborns at risk of malnutrition. It can have severe repercussions on children’s general development at a cerebral, physical and social level. The Paris Tout P’tits Association was born in 1997. It is now run by Ariane Poniatowski. Under her presidency, Paris Tout P'tits constitutes boxes of instant formula, baby food and nappies that are then distributed to families in need in one of the two collect points in Paris. Last year, over 52 000 boxes contributed to helping over 4 000 babies.

The charity runs on public and private funds such as Courbet's initiative to dedicate 15% of the selling price of its Let's Commit bracelet to the non-profit.

Rosewood bracelet

Rose Up: Let's support women with cancer

Since 2011, the Rose Up charity has made it its mission to support, inform and defend the rights of women with cancer. Today a woman out of four has to deal with a form of cancer in her lifespan and many will eventually overcome it. Cancer is no longer a fatality and Rose Up supports and follows women coping with cancer to make sure they don’t feel alone in their fight and in their rehabilitation. The charity wants to remind them that they are first and foremost women and to help them feel feminine and strong.

With that in mind, Rose Up aims at creating a community by organizing races and by opening Maisons Roses (Pink Houses) in Bordeaux and Paris for instance. It also publishes a free, qualitative and feminine lifestyle magazine that women can take with them to the hospital so that they can keep a tangible link with the outside world.

Flamingo pink bracelet

Sea Shepherd : Let's protect marine fauna

Oceans are the lungs of the earth and yet Men are continuously and badly harming their ecosystem. Sea Shepherd started its action in 1977 to fight against violations and the destruction of the marine habitat and contributes to the preservation of the sea bed and of the littorals internationally.

Its action consists in acting in case of abuse, in exposing the situation to the medias and to the public and in making people more aware of the dangers to which our Oceans are exposed. The charity wants to enforce laws and international agreements in their stance against poaching and illegal fishing as well as in their fight against marine debris and off shore drilling. Their action relies on the work of volunteers and of private investors. Sea Shepherd is 100% independent and does not take any subventions from the State in order to guarantee its freedom of speech and action.

Carbone black bracelet

Bee Fund: Let's prevent bees from going extinct

Bee colonies massively go extinct each year, coming to term with the fact that protecting bees comes down to protecting Men is of utmost importance. These insects have a key role in crops and wild fields pollination.

The charity collaborates with the Fondation de France to work towards a more sustainable agriculture, reconstitute bees’ natural habitat and expose the negative influence of certain pesticides on bees. Thanks to their B. avatar, Bee Fund hopes to raise money and help their ideas. This initiative is supported by Courbet that is committed to donating 15% of the price of their Let’s Commit bracelets excl. tax.

Maya yellow bracelet

Desert Flower Foundation : Let's fight female genital mutilation

According to the UNO, 8000 girls under 15 suffer this genital mutilation every day. In order to fight this cruel tradition, Wallis Dirie founded the Wallis Dirie Foundation in 2002, that later changed its name to become the Desert Flower Foundation.

Wallis advocates to educate international populations on the reality of genital mutilation consequences on the lives of little girls, later to become women. She educates and informs so as to spare others what she had to go through herself as a child. Furthermore, the Desert Flower Foundation has the ambition to heal FGM victims and to go after people perpetuating these mutilations.

Neon pink bracelet

La Voix de l'Enfant : Let's protect children

Numerous children are still undergoing violences, discriminations or are sexually or economically exploited. La Voix de l'Enfant fights these phenomenons and acts internationally in case of emergencies such as armed conflicts and natural disasters.

The association aims at listening and protecting children in need, regardless of who they are and of where they are. To do so, it regroups various associations that report violations, relay information and find answers to the problematics that are brought to them. They carry several actions from the right to identity to topics related to education and care, with children wellbeing as the focus of their attention.

Courbet blue bracelet

You Can Plant / Tree-Nation : Let's plant trees

Deforestation is responsible for 17% of CO2 emissions and has tangible consequences on our environment such as species extinction (whose natural habitat we're destroying), desertification, pollution, etc. You Can Plant / Tree-Nation offers a simple solution to the problem : planting trees!

The ambition of the organization is to trigger a global reforestation by making tree planting easy and accessible to everyone. Investing in Tree-Nation means planting trees in order to compensate CO2 emissions of either an individual or a company that can eventually become carbon neutral.

Green jungle bracelet

Project Rescue Ocean : Let's clean the seas

The Project Rescue Ocean charity was founded in 2017 after Benoît Schumann gained awareness on the pressing matter of global warming.

This professional firefighter had gotten into the habit of sharing pictures of astounding and unusual waste he would find during his dives in the Mediterranean sea. Willing to act more than to condemn, and with the general public support as well as of personalities such as Jean Dujardin, he set up Project Rescue Ocean and now organizes field actions. He plans on educating children on the beaches with a ludic approach, but also with major depolluting actions. To this day, 20 tons of waste have been removed from the coasts.

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