Let's Commit

Faithful to its values of preservation and protection of the environment of future generations, Courbet introduces Let's Commit, a partnership program with twelve associations.

Let's preserve unity of siblings with Action Enfance !

In France for 60 years, Action Enfance’s mission is to protect childhood. The Foundation welcomes, protects and educates brothers and sisters in danger, from infancy to adulthood. Separated from their parents by the judge of the children, because of mistreatment, negligence or serious family difficulties, the 742 children entrusted to Action Enfance are gathered in Children’s Villages, composed of a dozen warm houses to human size, in which they can rebuild themselves, surrounded by family educators.

The Maison Courbet and Action Enfance share the conviction that brothers and sisters grow better together by offering them a stable, educational and protective environment to help them grow and integrate into society.

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Let’s move together against cardiovascular diseases !

The AJILA Foundation fights against heart attack and cardiovascular diseases in women. Isabelle Weill, the founder, launched the movement "Sauvez le coeur des femmes”, « Save the women’s hearts » in English, in order to give all women the right to know what is owed to them on cardiovascular diseases. The movement’s aim is to make this issue, too often ignored, accessible and understandable.

In France, a country that one might think has been unaffected, these diseases are on the rise, killing more women than all cancers combined.The "Sauvez le coeur des femmes” movement is therefore about acting and communicating advice through a series of significant and influential actions. As a common denominator, Isabelle organizes events throughout the year to ensure that these diseases are never forgotten and, above all, to change women's lifestyle habits.

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Bracelet Let's commit rouge carmin  en or: Sauvez le coeur des femmes - Courbet
Bracelet Let's commit rouge carmin  en or: Sauvez le coeur des femmes - Courbet

The association called My Coral Garden helps to rebuild the coral reefs !

More than forests on earth, coral reefs are the lungs of our planet. They cover only 0.1% of the ocean, yet they shelter 25 to 30% of the world's marine biodiversity, mitigate global warming by emitting 75% of the oxygen we breathe, and protect coastal communities from climate disasters and erosion. But according to PNUE, the planet has lost between 30 and 50% of its coral reefs during the last thirty years. There is still time to help the remaining 50% ! My Coral Garden's mission is to restore and plant resilient coral reefs by creating synergy between companies, the international scientific community, and grassroots actors (NGOs and communities).

Coral is a living organism. A proven technique allows planting by cuttings, and thus ensure the development and resilience of reefs. Each coral sponsored via the purchase of the orange bracelet will be cut by our "Coral Gardeners" and marine biologists in the China Sea. A geolocation link on the site will allow you to visit your baby coral and follow the growth of your reef online !

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Let's help create a nomad school for the 2019/2020 school year !

Nowadays the education policy of the kingdom of Morocco for the southern regions of the Sahara concentrates all its resources on education in the villages where many nomads are settled. However, many nomadic families continue to move with the seasons to graze their herds in order not to loose the tradition.

A number of children remain without access to basic education. "Le Défi du Cœur" wishes to be able to set up a travelling structure in order to organize a popular education for out-of-school children: the NOMADE SCHOOL. By reaching children where they live, the nomadic school represents a long-term alternative.

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The association called Paris Tout P'tits helps infant with malnutrition issues !

For more than 25 years the association called "Paris Tout P’tits" fight against the malnutrition of babies, born in Paris, in poverty, often with single parents. Thanks to the association and its volunteers, more than 4,000 babies were fed last year, more than 52,000 parcels including formula, jars and diapers were distributed.

Malnutrition can have a serious effects on an infant's development, both neurologically and physically. 'Paris Tout P’tits’ operates through two distribution centers in the 18th and 14th district of Paris and a team of sixty dynamic and committed volunteers who provide fundraising and distribution to families - because "these babies are our future" as Ariane Poniatowski, president of the association since 2005, reminds us.

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