Courbet gold bangles: classics reinvented

The epitome of studied elegance, Courbet bangles slip delicately over the wrist. Their smooth surface catches the light or captures the fiery sparkle of lab-created diamonds, formed into motifs or evoking the essential elements of Mother Earth. We devote ourselves to crafting jewellery that brings together gold reclaimed from high-tech devices and cultured diamonds. All the while preserving the art of jewellery-making, inherited from centuries past, Courbet has fulfilled its ambitious objective to imagine jewellery that is 100% environmentally-friendly, and whose production puts people and the planet first. Ethics, beauty and luxury form a single whole at the heart of our creative process.

Graceful curves and a shower of diamonds

Whatever your preference, whether a slim band or something more substantial, all eyes will be on the O2, a design as pure as mountain air, or drawn to our Eclipse or CO.BE styles. In the Eclipse bangle, the sun and the moon play an endless game of hide-and-seek before finally returning to light up the heavens. As for the CO.BE bangle, it celebrates a different union: that of a shimmering curve with a sinuous chain. All these jewellery pieces are made to be worn in the moment and are eager to learn all there is to know about the woman whose wrist they adorn. They enjoy the warmth of a sandy beach, love to lounge on a comfortable sofa, reflect the bright sparkle of a crystal glass, or listen in on an important meeting.

Your jewellery love affair begins online, on the Courbet website, where you can admire each one. And so that you can appreciate how perfect they are, and maybe personalise your chosen style, video appointments are available at your convenience. Courbet's advisors will also take pleasure in welcoming you at the Place Vendôme showroom, should you wish to visit this home of eco-responsible luxury.