At the Origin
There was the Eclipse
Illuminating the Celestial vault
With a C and an O
Then came the O2
Source of life on Earth
And eternal muse of the jewellery arts
From these elements were born six exceptional pieces
Of spellbinding beauty and incomparable brilliance
Together, they compose the Couture line

Discover COURBET Couture creations.


Characterized by a strong, assertive and resolutely contemporary design, the Couture creations support women in the affirmation of their style and choices. A feeling of movement emanates from these creations, thanks to the curves of the features that compose them.

Generous in gold and diamonds, these rings and earrings have a particularly intense brilliance. Their relatively imposing structure dresses the finger and the neck with volume and character. The Couture creations sparkle with creativity in a style that is both modern and casual.

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Recognisable by its bezel gold setting, the ORIGINE collection brings scale to the diamonds. The curved design of the ORIGINE Couture ring dresses the finger in a certain generousness.

Composed of two lines of diamonds bezel set in different sizes, this ring has a particularly intense sparkle. The line of pavé diamonds that separates them gives this jewellery a touch of finesse. An impression of movement is felt thanks to the curves of the lines that structure this ring, all in volume.

The ORIGINE Couture ring is available in white gold, rose goldyellow gold and  yellow gold brush finish.

Discover the Origine Couture ring


A symbol of the infinite beauty of the universe, ECLIPSE reveals the different faces of the planets through its light and shadow effects. Together, the C and O of COURBET form the moon and sun of the ECLIPSE patern.

The design of the ECLIPSE Couture ring, consisting of a diamond-paved band wrapped around the finger and openworked with several motifs, offers a sense of movement that encourages the wearer to turn the jewel to appreciate its different facets. This diamond interlacing sparkles in a resolutely modern and contemporary style.

The ECLIPSE Couture ring is available in white gold, rose gold and yellow gold

Discover the Eclipse Couture ring


Subtly concealed within the lace-like ring, COURBET's first two letters, C and O, form the Latin prefix Co, which means doing things together, and can be found in significant and powerful words such as consciousness, connection, collectivity…

The CO Couture ring design is modern and creative. It assists women in asserting their styles and their choices. The band ring set with numerous lab-grown diamonds brings a daily bright hint and trendy style.

The CO Couture ring is available in white gold, rose gold and yellow gold.

Discover the CO Couture ring


The fully articulated Céleste collection to match a flexible state of mind. Here the majestic, generous and gourmand CO is just like this Couture ring with its exceptional proportions.

Recycled gold and the lab-grown diamonds are one and the same, due to the delicacy of the setting that elegantly wraps around the finger. A 2 carats oval cut diamond crowns this unique and dazzlingly rare creation.

Discover the céleste couture ring


The O2 Couture ring and earrings evoke the volatility of air thanks to its design full of movement and volume.

The lab-grown diamond is set in a graphic pattern which is composed of delicate spheres of light, as a precious ode to the environment and oxygen.

Structured and fashionable, these creations can be worn on a daily basis as well as for exceptional occasions.

The O2 Couture ring is available in white gold, rose gold and yellow gold. 

The O2 Couture earrings are only available in white gold

Discover the O2 Couture creations

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