Marie, better known as EnjoyPhoenix, is passionate about astronomy and new technologies. A few years ago, she decided to use her notoriety to raise sustainable awareness within her community.

The alchemy with COURBET was immediate! Convinced that change lies in more responsible consumption and long-term resolutions, EnjoyPhoenix inspires the Place Vendôme through her sincerity. A creative dialogue was born around lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold, the keystones of COURBET's jewellery expertise.

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A new star is born: Galatée. 


Astral and poetic, the Galatée ring is a compendium of the universe common to COURBET and EnjoyPhoenix.

Between sky and sea, Galatée pays tribute to nature, subtle reference to Neptune's moon and the nereids sea nymphs of Greek mythology.

The C of COURBET becomes a crescent moon set with cognac-coloured lab-grown diamonds, surrounding a four-pointed star to better reveal the brilliance of the recycled gold.

A fragment of the galaxy within reach, available in white, yellow and rose gold, for an airy and ever committed look.

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Being surrounded by passionate and creative people is a leitmotiv that lies at the very heart of COURBET, constantly pushing back the limits of jewellery innovation.

CO-working, CO-operating, CO-creating, exactly what is needed to bring out the beautiful and reveal materials that are as precious as they are virtuous: recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds. Galatée is the result of this innovative vision, a tailor-made creation inspired by EnjoyPhoenix and all of those who, like her, embrace sustainability at every moment.

The Maison COURBET is very proud to welcome this magnificent CO-creation in the heart of its appartment on the Place Vendôme and to open its doors wide to EnjoyPhoenix and her community.

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