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DECEMBER 01, 2021

7 meaningful CO words

Through 7 meaningful words, COURBET expresses its values and missions by the year 2022.
The 7 place Vendôme is where the CO prefix becomes a lucky charm and shows to COURBET the way to commitments and exceptional creations. 


COURBET’s history started by a match and a common desire, those of two profesionals of the luxury sector : Manuel Mallen and Marie-Ann Wachtmeister. Both were convinced that the combination of a laboratory-grown diamond and an appealing design, would give birth to a new alternative for jewelry lovers seeking for ethic and meaning. 
COURBET was born in 2018. Planets were aligned to shake the place Vendôme. 


COURBET is before anything a creation space, where beauty and dream are the spearhead. Marie-Ann Wachtmeister and her creative team imagine years after years modern and audacious collections, bringing their overflowing imagination to life while emphasizing two cornerstones of the jewelry sector : exigency and expertise. 
ECLIPSE and its set sun pattern, CÉLESTE and its interwoven rings, so far unique but linked by the same emblem, are as much proves of the idea of continuity embodied by the 7 COURBET collections. 


Knowledge and innovation make a pair for COURBET, since each piece is made of materials resulting from the human hand and research. 
The first laboratory-grown diamond was created in 1954, and from that date science always kept on progressing about production methods in order to obtain diamonds with exceptional properties. 
Sharing this knowledge to the largest number of people is a key matter for COURBET, in order to show that research will continuously surprise us, and even more, that more ecological solutions are possible compared to traditional jewelry. 


The Maison was built on the questioning of standardised activities, through the association with French painter Gustave Courbet, who was revolutionary on both political and artistic sides. This pioneering dynamic goes along with an optimistic message focused on the future, according to which transparency and communication are the core values of tomorrow’s society.  
In that sense, COURBET is particularly attached to the trust relationship between its suppliers and its clients, so each step of the jewels’ journey can be known, justified and constantly improved. 


COURBET chose sustainability and commitment, contrary to a time where immediacy and volatility dominate our behaviours. Against what can be considered as an unbridled consumerism, the maison takes the side of a fairer production for the benefit of goodness and beauty. 
In fact, a very low amount of pieces remain in stock, showing that creation is almost on demand. At the same time, it illustrates the idea that things come to those who wait, which became a core dimension of COURBET’s identity. 


The end of the year celebrations are the occasion to join together and to prove our attachment to our loved ones. This expression to a Very Loved Person can be worn next to the skin, thanks to personalized bracelets and necklaces from the ORIGINE V.L.P. collection. 
An eternal proof of love is also a way to keep in touch. 


COURBET is not alone, and is totally aware that action must be conducted side by side with partners sharing the same philosophy. This is why the Maison is associated with virtuous projects aiming to make mentalities change in various sectors. 
From that ambition were born the LET'S COMMIT project, the support to Time for the Planet and the close partnership with the Action Enfance foundation. 

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