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MAY 16, 2021

Courbet, the revolutionary spirit of the Place Vendome

A provocative and visionary at heart, Gustave Courbet was never one to follow conventions and aesthetic standards of his art. His taste for disruption intertwined his story with that of the Place Vendôme. A story that also inspired the name of the first ecological jeweller of the iconic octogonal place : COURBET.

On May 16th 1871, the Vendôme column was toppled, unbolted by revolutionaries of the Paris Commune, as they saw a symbol of imperial power in it.
An eternal pacifist defending his ideals, Gustave Courbet was the mastermind behind this highly symbolic gesture.

May 16th is also a milestone in the jeweller’s history, as it marks the opening date of its first parisian address, an apartment dominating the famed Place Vendôme. A bold choice full of imagery from the young jewellery brand, exalting the provocative spirit of the artist whose name it borrows.

This legacy, claimed with pride, sets the tone : carried by a disruptive sourcing and a daring artististic vision, COURBET shakes the codes of the Place Vendôme and pledges to pave a more sustainable future for jewellery.

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Bon Anniversaire !
Alix • MAY 16, 2021 

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