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OCTOBER 24, 2022

The power of love, the art of transmission

We often talk about a piece of jewellery with a lot of numbers and letters: diamond D, E or F, 2.5 carats, VVS1, 18K gold... However, it is rarely this information that goes through time, but rather the story hidden at the centre of a stone, at the end of the links of a chain...

Anyone who remembers Lady Diana's engagement ring, the breathtaking sapphire and diamond halo given to Kate Middleton by Prince William three decades later, realises the strength of the bond that unites two people around a single piece of jewellery.

A love story, a birth, or simply another birthday, it doesn't matter why one passes on: what is essential is the trust and affection given to the other person by offering him or her what is most dear to the heart.

Inheritance is built above all on memories, emotions and symbols. It is less a question of making the beauty of an object last, than making eternal those whom we would like to be immortal.

Jewellery is special in that it has a lasting presence on the body. It has been and will continue to be the witness of every fragment of life. Each person has the power to reinvent them.

A few years ago, a C de COURBET Halo ring in yellow gold filled with joy its acquirer. This piece of jewellery, recently given to her newly mother daughter, opens the path towards transmission.

At COURBET, jewellery has been conceived as both an individual and a collective creation. Individual in that it imprints its brilliance on the intimate history of each and every one of us. Collective in that the sustainable commitment it conveys celebrates the universal values of beauty and goodness.

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