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AUGUST 24, 2022

The bold and the beautiful by COURBET

There are no rules when it comes to say “Yes”. Will you say it on the spur of the moment, or after years of thinking ?
This out of time moment might take some unexpected turns...
Discover the most special love statements, often with COURBET ambassadors’ participation.

Located on the place Vendôme's roofs, COURBET definitely cherishes its Parisian identity, but the French capital is not the only romantic place on Earth ! On the edge of an Irish lake, or two feet in the sand of a Balinese beach, our customers’ proposals spread the magic of escape, and share to the world COURBET's know-how.

The story gets serious when the COURBET team takes part of the secret. Imagine the most ordinary visit to the place Vendôme appartment to try on a necklace or a bracelet.

He slips away, she waits… The music sounds ! He comes back holding a precious casket containing our Halo ring.

A surprise, a few tears, and above all, lots of love. You can imagine what she replied…

The engagement ring has a special meaning among all the jewels, and the sorrow caused by its loss can be inconsolable. Unless…

COURBET tells the story of one of its cleverest customers who wanted to reproduce his wife's engagement ring she had lost a few months ago.

A few exchanges with the designer later, the new ring finds its owner’s finger but with the signature of COURBET.

When creativity has no limits, neither do your emotions.

Tell us about the moment of your proposal, was it out of ordinary or romantic?

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