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APRIL 16, 2021

Just a click away from the ring of your dreams

COURBET pairs the best traditional jeweller know-hows with technology to serve your imagination by letting you create your engagement ring, just like you dreamt it.

A diamond’s light shines on the most precious moments of life : to capture bright emotions in all their uniqueness, COURBET strives to engrave technology at the heart of its creative process to create, by your side, an engagement ring to your image.

COURBET invites you to participate in this creative process thanks to an online configuration tool that lets you personalize our designs intuitively and interactively according to your wishes. While instantaneously visualizing the associations you try, find your own harmonious setting to create a ring resolutely COURBET yet folded to your taste. Among nearly 2500 possible combinations, choose every detail from the frame of the ring and its gold color to the shape, size and clarity of your man-made diamond, carefully selected following the exacting 4C standards.

Intimately yours, the result stems from your imagination and reflects your story.

At COURBET, we care about making these precious moments the best and thus, we remain by your side to help you create your bespoke ring by assisting you, live and personally, thanks to a Chatbot, during a visit at the COURBET apartment or remotely through video call, according to your preference.

We are also dedicated to protecting your ring, a vibrant token of your story, by integrating a two year insurance to its blockchain, digitally delivered to you.

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