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JULY 11, 2022

Five advice for an unordinary wedding

A piece of jewellery reflects the deepest feelings and marks each moment of a lifetime with light and sparkles.
Since the union between two betrothed lovers cannot be summarized by an engagement ring and two bands only,
COURBET went for the search of five wedding planners and their most inspiring advice, all around the world.


Our journey starts in Paris, with Atout Coeur. This high-end wedding planner shares the sustainable wedding’s bases, that is not as difficult to set up as it seems.

Choosing vintage dishware, replacing traditional confettis with dried flowers, or suggesting a local and seasonal menu, are as many sweet and poetic alternatives, for your eyes and the planet.



What if flowers were immortal ? Green Wedding Shoes explores eternal beauty with silk flowers bouquets.

Fabric scraps become delicate wreaths, promising endless love.



Have you ever heard about 'elopement' ? Reducing your guest list from fifty to a dozen, would be the new way to intimately celebrate two souls’ fusion.

The Agence Cotillon praises this increasingly popular usage, restoring the summer nights quietness and the sincerity of shared instants.



Standards, rules and uniforms are out, from now, a wedding is the occasion to express your singularity ! ​​

The Anti Bride revisits the ceremonial dress and invites to a journey through times, fabrics and continents, in order to unearth the ideal piece for each bride.



Since its foundation, COURBET never stopped to share the “CO” prefix as a leitmotiv, inseparable from the values it defends.

Creating bonds between individuals, togetherness, are the deepest roots of the jeweller’s creative process. It directly echoes the “unplugged wedding” concept highlighted by La mariée aux pieds nus.

Switching off our smartphone, getting back to the essential. It is the union of goodness and beauty, isn’t it?


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