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DECEMBER 28, 2020

The two co-founders of COURBET set to rewrite some rules

COURBET was born from an encounter between two jewellery lovers with a shared taste for innovation as they took a new step together in their professional journeys, different yet complementary.

Drawing on twenty-five years of experience in the jewelry industry, within the Richemont group first, before investing in Poiray, Manuel Mallen first discovered cultured diamonds during a visit in Antwerp, back in 2016. Convinced by this alternative, an idea flourishes: creating a luxury brand with strong values by harnessing this technology, without making any compromise on aesthetics.

“Lab-grown diamonds represent a revolutionary ecological alternative ! Since this alternative exists, it seemed obvious that it needed to be represented, in the heart of Jewelry, Place Vendôme. As the idea bloomed, it was clear who I wanted to share the adventure with.”
    Manuel Mallen, co-founder and CEO at COURBET

He then turned to Marie-Ann Wachtmeister, a jewellery designer of Swedish origins whom he met as she imagined an innovative ring for Poiray. Most importantly, she shared his vision on the future of jewellery. As she joined the adventure and breathed a stylistic soul to the project, beauty met goodness, marking the beginning of COURBET.

“When Manuel reached out to me, I was no stranger to entrepreneurship and wasn’t so sure about embarking on a new adventure. Yet, his enthusiasm and willingness to see a change in the world of jewelers - and to be the one starting that change no less - convinced me ! Looking back, I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to create such a meaningful brand as COURBET.”
    Marie-Ann Wachtmeister, co-founder and artistic director at COURBET

Together, they shake up the codes of the Place Vendôme.

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