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MARCH 28, 2022

COMeet - Omar Victor Diop

For 11 years, Omar Victor Diop has photographed women, men and even himself in a historical, humanist and truly commited way, portraying his vision of the continent where he grew up : Africa.

The collaboration between Omar Diop and COURBET allows us to dive into the universe of this self-made artist whose multiple inspirations transpose into graphic, colorful and singular artworks.

One artist, two essential sources of creation

"Sustainability, durability, animal and plant species preservation are the challenges of our generations

I feel inspired mostly by where I come from. Through my work, I try to picture a portrait of Africa that is modern and urban, a continent that succeeds and is not just the witness of its own destiny. 

The characters that I depict, and that I sometimes embody, represent the African continent where I grew up, with this peculiar look and aesthetic inherited from an afro-islamic influence. The relationship to textile, graphic design can be seen as universal features, but are also very related to sub-Saharan and Western Africa."

"It is a beautiful adventure for me and a new field to explore"

"I am quite keen on innovation and also fascinated about diamonds. The thought that we can produce them without digging huge holes into the Earth and without exploiting children is what makes lab-grown diamonds prestigious, legendary and, at the same time, clean stones. This is the perfect example of what we, human-beings, are able to do when we decide to preserve and protect our environmental legacy. When we focus on what we do best, technology among others, we are able to achieve wonderful results, and COURBET is a very good illustration of this.

I particularly love the aesthetic and design references that can be found in every COURBET piece of jewellery. My favourite collection is PONT DES ARTS because it is astonishing how a few ounces of gold and a precious stone can mirror the spirit of a iconic and historical city like Paris. And yet, we are talking about contemporary creations."

"I am very impressed by the know-how of the French jewellery"

"Jewellery is true form of art, not only is it noble and personable, it is also and above all a know-how relating peoples' story. When visiting museum exhibitions, we quickly realise that we learn a lot about history through jewellery and this only means that creating jewellery is a way to be a part of history and what's ahead. The improvement of the lab-grown diamonds technology is part of a new heritage created by COURBET. As a photographer, I feel glad and honored to witness this rebirth in the jewellery sector."

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