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JANUARY 08, 2021

COURBET, the choice of cultured diamonds

From the very beginning, lab-grown diamonds - legally known as “synthetic diamonds” - were at the core of COURBET. An environmentally friendly stone, consisting of 100% carbon, with the exact same structure as mined diamonds. A bold and defying choice that embedded both innovation and ecology in the brand’s DNA, giving way to its vocation : providing a new alternative jewellery.

Diamonds treasure the most beautiful moments in life. An eternal stone to engrave memories forever, but paired with a tainted reputation. Lab-grown diamonds bring the promise of a transparent origin, resolutely futuristic. Their highest impact on the environment stems from the energy consumed by laboratories while growing them. Yet, in contrast with the consequences of extracting diamonds from mines, those huge man-made holes impacting the local fauna and flora, this alternative appears as a more sustainable and viable choice.

To create those 2.0 diamonds, the human genius took its inspiration from nature. The natural conditions of diamond formation are reproduced in laboratories : every single cultured stone is unique and authentic, and only the finest are selected for jewellery. An equal result, assisted by science and certified by every gemmological institutes. Two births, one stone.

Lab-grown diamonds possess the same physical, chemical and optical qualities as mined diamonds, yet they shine with a new splendour. A brighter one residing in the scientific prowess that allowed this “alter-native”.

COURBET embraced this alternative, giving lab-grown diamonds their space to shine on the iconic Place Vendome. And that, without ever making any compromise between excellence, respect of the environment and jeweller know-how.


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