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JANUARY 17, 2022

ORIGINE, when sustainability rimes with intemporality

The origin is a starting point, a birth, a beginning. It carries a unique history that should be preserved.

The ORIGINE Collection embodies COURBET both in its name and lines. Lab-grown diamonds are subtly set, clinging to the skin just like beads of light.

Elegant but not pretentious, ORIGINE looks just like COURBET, airy, contemporary and infinitely customizable. The collection gathers the three gold colours, still recycled and sustainable according to the Maison's principles, and honours lab-grown diamonds and their round shape, always in a gold bezel setting.

Another way to appropriate ORIGINE is to attach on both bracelets and necklaces, the names of loved ones, as a proof of tenderness and symbol of transmission.

Jewellery is based on the most precious resources of nature. COURBET reinvents this expertise and extends it to unexplored territories. It starts by a scientific prowess, becoming a few decades later an idea in favor of sustainable luxury and a pioneering Maison. ORIGINE is a collection, but it is also a virtuous blend of all this.

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