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OCTOBER 27, 2021

How to take care of your jewellery?

Eager to offer only creations that combine Goodness and Beauty, COURBET is committed to design jewellery of high quality and preciousness. Maintaining their brilliance and natural beauty will require special attention. This is why we have written down guidelines so you will know how to care for your jewellery on a daily basis.

Protect your diamonds


Diamonds within COURBET creations require regular cleaning to maintain their brilliance, but also to remove germs and cosmetic residue that may be hidden behind the setting. Clean them with warm soapy water and a soft brush. Do not use harsh detergents or alcohol. Even though diamonds are resistant to wear and tear, we recommend you to not wear them during heavy work.

Protect your gold jewelry


To protect your gold jewelry, you can use a non-abrasive cleaner along with a soft cloth to polish your gold regularly. 18 carat white gold rings may need to be polished or rhodium plated during their life in order to restore their brilliance. Try to avoid wearing platinum and white gold rings side by side, as the ductility of each metal is not the same. 

To prevent your gold from tarnishing, always remove your jewelry when you go swimming as chlorinated water can damage the surface of the metal. We also recommend you to remove your gold when you wear perfume or hairspray and use cleaning products.

We recommend you to not wear your gold jewelry when doing heavy work, as the precious metals can scratch and dent when entering in contact with harder elements.

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