Discover our Necklaces in Yellow gold

Yellow gold
Collier quatre griffes - Or jaune 18K (2,00 g), diamant 0,20 ct

4 prongs yellow gold necklace

1 090 €
Collier Halo - Or jaune 18K (4,00 g), diamants 0,30 ct

HALO necklace in yellow gold

1 680 €
Collier Celeste - Or jaune 18K (5,00 g), diamants 0,48 ct

CELESTE necklace in yellow gold

2 900 €
Collier O2 - Or jaune 18K (4,90 g), diamants 0,36 ct

O2 necklace in yellow gold

1 900 €
Collier Eclipse - Or jaune 18K (6,30 g), diamant 0,10 ct

ECLIPSE necklace in yellow gold

2 450 €
Collier CO - Or jaune 18K (3,70 g), 3 diamants 0,25 ct

CO necklace in yellow gold

1 280 €
Collier Origine - Or jaune 18K (1,70 g), diamant 0,10 ct

ORIGINE necklace in yellow gold

870 €

The magic of Courbet yellow gold necklaces

Imagine fastening around your neck a yellow gold necklace that draws its beauty from human ingenuity. Recycled gold comes essentially from obsolete smartphones, and lab-grown precious stones from extraordinary machines capable of producing gems as pure and rare as the ones extracted from deep within the ground. Courbet has transformed this amazing possibility into reality by creating collections of sophisticated jewellery and yellow gold necklaces that respect the environment. Through Courbet, fine jewellery is exploring new methods that stand up for our planet's natural riches and for the human values it defends. Beauty that respects your convictions.

The sensuality and femininity of Courbet yellow gold necklaces

The Céleste necklace delicately intertwines the first letters of the Courbet name. Entirely set with lab-grown diamonds, the twinkling central motif is suspended from a traditional cable link chain. This same lightness, this same elegant simplicity are instilled in all the jewellery brought to life by Courbet's designer. Women searching for something sophisticated and feminine that works with both smart and casual will find the perfect piece in the Eclipse, CO and O2 collections.

If you would rather a necklace set with a diamond solitaire, you'll find your heart's desire in the Origine or Quatre Griffes collections, whose discreet mount leaves the starring role to the diamond. The HALO necklace revisits the "daisy" motif by setting smaller diamonds around a solitaire. Worn with a pair of earrings, a ring or a bracelet from the same collection, they will make women long to wear innovative jewellery pieces that are destined to become classics.