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OCTOBER 26, 2021



*A term that the law requires us to use.

The law, which should protect the consumer, forbids us to say that it is a real diamond, when it is a stone that has the same essence as the one extracted from the mines.

The law forbids us to say that lab-grown diamonds are more ecological and ethical when you should know that they have no impact on biodiversity, that no human or social issues are linked to their production, and that finally, their carbon footprint is much smaller than the one of mined diamonds according to several unbiased studies.

From a scientific point of view, the synthesis of diamond is impossible, because it is a simple body, made up of only one type of atom: carbon. Talking about diamond synthesis is like synthesizing ozone or iron... it is simply impossible!

While France is the only country where the term "synthesis" is still mandatory, we believe that an designation such as "laboratory-grown diamond", while preserving the transparency of the origin of our stones, would allow us to offer an alternative to mine diamonds that is not burdened by a downgrading name.

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