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JULY 5, 2021

CO, a meaningful signature monogram

Two letters, a single sound, and already the values of the brand echo through Courbet’s monogram, a refined leitmotiv carrying a strong meaning.

The “CO” design was first imagined by Marie-Ann Wachtmeister, Artistic Director and co-founder of Courbet, as she was working on her first creations for the young jewellery house. Her creative process led her to experiment with the letters composing the word “Courbet”, and the idea to marry its first two ones, a “C” and a “O”, sprang to life.

Through her artistic eyes, the embrace of the C-shaped curve with a closed, circular one, was reminiscent of the fleeting moment when the sun meets the moon as an eclipse occurs. A celestial theme filled with poetry that never failed to inspire and infuse Marie-Ann’s work, as she signed the Céleste and Eclipse collections.

The “CO’' already fit in Courbet’s universe upon its serendipitous creation. From there, under our Artistic Director’s eyes, the planets seemed to align, with the union of the “C” and the “O” forming the prefix “CO”, latin for “together”. A strong meaning, in line with the brand’s values and attachment to celebrating shared moments in life.

COnnection, COmmitment, COnsciousness...

At the heart of our collections, Courbet’s signature design “CO” becomes a rallying sign, an expression of shared values to be worn proudly and brilliantly.

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