Journal / COURBET Moments / This is Earth Day !
APRIL 22, 2022

This is Earth Day !

Earth Day celebrates for decades the environment and the projects related to its protection. Contributing to this gathering is necessary for COURBET in order to bring to light every cause.

It is hard to find an event that crosses the borders and unanimously mobilizes citizens worldwide. This is the reason why Earth Day is an example of agreement around common values that are the love for nature, a global commitment and faith in the future.

COURBET owes them its mainspring in terms of both content and form. It all started from two precious and sustainable materials that are lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold, that are transformed into bold pieces of jewellery according to the house’s favorite sources of inspiration : the natural elements and the poetry of stars. 

Investing in our planet implies the creation of a sustainable and ethical luxury, and encourages transparency and constant improvement. An alternative to traditional jewellery is possible, and starts with a COURBET jewel.

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