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NOVEMBER 05, 2021

Add Goodness to Beauty: COURBET’s CSR strategy

In just three years, COURBET has succeeded in disrupting the codes of traditional jewellery by establishing its brand as a reference in terms of sustainability and ethics. More than a choice, lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold from e-waste have become COURBET’s true identity. They have enabled us to unite know-how and innovation, and to inspire a new and refreshing era onto the Place Vendôme by combining aesthetic and responsible creations.

"Beauty is no longer passive and asleep, but alert and agile. 
In the light of ecological and social emergency, Beauty must take its responsibilities. 
Meanwhile, Goodness is at the core of current concerns. 
But adopting Goodness does not mean rejecting Beauty.”

This conviction establishes COURBET' sustainable and social compass.


The first pillar, Origins, refers to the indirect sustainable, social and cultural impact of COURBET. It focuses on the choice of the way raw materials are acquired, designed and supplied. COURBET is committed to a sustainable, responsible and innovative approach, whether through the sourcing of diamonds created in laboratories or through the upcycling of raw materials such as gold from e-waste, thus underlining our will to emancipate from mining.

We have symbolically given the name of one of COURBET's iconic collections to this first pillar, a collection which, through its closed setting, portrays the values of our brand as immutable and unbreakable. 

The second pillar, Creations, refers to COURBET's direct environmental, social and cultural impact and the way in which we create our products and organize their distribution, branding and sale. Through this pillar, COURBET wishes to reveal itself as a responsible and fair brand that works daily to increase its sustainability. Through its revolutionary jeweller spirit, COURBET wants to convert buying into a committed act and give a new meaning to Beauty as well as to Goodness.

The third and final pillar, Horizons, has the mission of communicating how COURBET contributes to a sustainable and responsible society. Our company seeks to have a positive impact on consumer behavior, notably through the LET’S COMMIT, solidarity program, which supports six causes focused on people and the environment. Pushing the place Vendôme's boundaries is a way for COURBET to stay connected to the world around us, and to take part in the ecological challenge day after day.

The genesis of COURBET is this choice of sustainable, responsible and ethical alternatives. With its disruptive spirit, COURBET has already succeeded in differentiating itself and being recognized as a brand that, through its know-how and creativity, offers jewlllery with a significantly reduced social and environmental impact. This perpetual quest for innovation and promotion of goodness urges COURBET to constantly improve its actions so that, one day, beauty will no longer have a negative impact on our planet and society, but a positive one.

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