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APRIL 04, 2022

Find the emerald

As a subtle signature, the emerald hidden on most of COURBET's pieces carries many symbols.

The COURBET emerald is the sparkling reflexion of commitment and modernity, and celebrates the jewellery know-how with its powerful green colour.

Choosing an emerald is everything but hazardous. As the stone of love and cohesion, its color also evokes nature and ecology, one of the COURBET's core concerns.

The emerald is COURBET’s trademark, and recalls its mainspring : capture our surrounding environment’s beauty without being its executioner.

In the wake of recycled gold and lab-grown diamonds, the Maison once more chooses the power of science, and adorns its jewellery pieces with lab-grown emeralds. The fifth C, like Conscience, found its right place.

This green gem appears here and there, sometimes as an asterisk when it comes to overturn a misleading terminology, and symbolizes COURBET'S vision of jewellery: ethic, sustainable and alternative.

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