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NOVEMBER 14, 2022

A moment with EnjoyPhoenix

A year ago, EnjoyPhoenix discovered for the first time COURBET apartment and the jewllery creations designed by Marie-Ann Wachtmeister, the artistic director of the Maison. Today, the content creator renews her attachment to COURBET with a co-created ring : Galatée.
Encounter with a creation of the third kind…

“Working with a sustainable jewellery Maison was an obvious choice.”

Being committed is not an easy task, however EnjoyPhoenix and COURBET made it a real motto, a personal way to break with the ruling codes of their respective field of activity.
The first one is a web prodigy, the second an audacious jeweller. Together they share a new idea of beauty that would only come from goodness. Galatée was born.

Discover Galatée

"I like being a figurehead when it comes to innovation. As a new technology enthusiast, it was the perfect project.”

The Galatée ring is not a poetic design and cosmic inspirations only. This piece of jewellery carries a high level of technology that makes the singularity of COURBET among the Place Vendôme jewellers. The moon and the four-pointed star are both made of recycled gold from computer waste, and sparkle on one’s hand thanks to their white and cognac lab-grown diamonds. More than a ring, Galatée is an attitude !

On October 25th, COURBET and EnjoyPhoenix organised a launching party in honour of Galatée, during which the guests were captivated by the ring’s story, told by EnjoyPhoenix and Marie-Ann Wachtmeister themselves. An unprecedented moment of creative dialogue in COURBET history.


You want to discover the Galatée ring co-created by EnjoyPhoenix? Make an appointment in our COURBET's appartment Place Vendôme. 

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