Theft insurance


The blockchain is the most modern and secure tool to guarantee the traceability of an asset, and more specifically of a piece of jewellery. COURBET engagement rings are identified on the blockchain by a unique number, they each have a "file" which traces their history and their characteristics. This is where the weight of gold, the number of diamonds and the total carat weight of the diamonds set on the ring are registered.

When purchasing an engagement ring with a value of less than €30.000, you have the option of applying for blockchain-based theft insurance.
This service, developed in partnership with the insurance company Wakam, is activated by the owner of the jewellery, online.

*Theft must be proven by filing a complaint, learn more.

If the centre stone is more than 0.5 ct, the diamond is certified by an independent gemological institute. This certificate is added to the file, in the blockchain. A size adjustment, a repair or anything else can be recorded in the blockchain.

After your purchase, you have one month to request a link by e-mail to activate the insurance. Once the insurance is activated, in case of theft, COURBET commits to entrust its workshops with the manufacture of a new engagement ring with the same characteristics as the stolen jewellery. The insurance is offered by COURBET for a one year period. At the end of this year, if you wish, you can keep the insurance, at your expense. 

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