Courbet jewels

Can you make customized jewelry?

If you have a demand for any specific jewelry, our chief designer will assist you from idea to the final jewelry to create your unique and custom made piece.

You can contact us and explain your wishes by mail at or by phone at +33 1 83 75 74 20.

Can you engrave my jewelry?

Our workshops can engrave you jewelry, as long as the message you wish to engrave can be contained in the available space within the jewelry. If you wish to engrave a ring, we recommend you to offer it first to be certain of the size before proceeding with the engraving.

What should I do if I don’t know my ring size?

We have created a ring sizer that you can print.

1/ Measure with a ruler the scale to ensure that you printer prints the document in a 100% size scale

2/ Place a ring that fits your finger on the paper and identify which circle corresponds the best to the inner diameter of your ring

Is the size adjustment included in the price?

It is our pleasure to offer you the size adjustment of your new piece of jewelry

What type of jewelry box will I receive with my jewelry?

Courbet’s jewelry will be delivered to you in a navy blue semi-soft box made entirely and solely of recycled and reconstituted leather and recycled cardboard paper. So no, glue, plastic or other harmful materials have been used. The boxes are manufactured by craftsmen in Bretagne, France.

Can the jewels be delivered gift wrapped?

If requested during ordering, we can provide a gift wrapping to go with the recycled leather box.