The jeweller of ecology, ethics and progress, Courbet, introduces jewels set with the first-ever French diamonds; grown in a lab nearby Paris. To celebrate this milestone, Courbet dedicates to them a limited edition collection with a typical Parisian design: Pont des Arts.

Ever since its creation, Maison Courbet has disrupted the jewelry industry by offering high-end jewellery made with lab-grown diamonds and recycled gold. This choice is anchored in today’s reality where ecology is of urgent priority.

Because France had never lab-grown diamonds before, Courbet has had to turn to international suppliers. Now, however, change has come.

Manuel Mallen and Marie-Ann Wachtmeister, founders of Courbet, have decided to establish a lasting relationship with Alix Gicquel, a scientist whose laboratory lies within the CNRS and who has dedicated her life to studying diamonds.

With this Made in France diamond, Courbet takes a quantum leap with its high jewellery, from the heart of traditions to the future of science, all of which in the service of sustainability.

Despite her hard work, Alix Gicquel, a scientist whose laboratory lies within the CNRS, has had to face the challenge set by the culture of a diamond. This is why, unlike the diamonds of the other collections, those of the Pont des Arts collection are not systematically diamonds of color D, E or F. The creation of this gemstone preserves the mystery and the uncertainty of the result makes each piece a unique and limited creation.

The C and the O, as a leitmotiv.

The first two letters of Courbet are a C and an O. Two letters that, combined, convey togetherness in words such as cohesion, cooperation, connection...

The lock of the Pont des Arts collection recreates the symbolic CO of Courbet that can also be found, in multiple forms, in most of every jewellery collection of the Maison.

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