The very first diamond Made in France

France does not and will never have any diamond mine. But it has better...

France has many talented people, among them Alix Gicquel, a sparkling scientist, as brilliant as the diamonds she grows.

In her laboratory located just outside of Paris, Alix Gicquel, founder of Diam Concept, grows diamonds respecting the planet and the humanity.

These diamonds are diamonds.

They have the same characteristics as those found at the bottom of the mines, their ecological and ethical commitment as an added value. 

In its quest to gather the best traditional savoir-faire with the finest technology, COURBET does not neglect the importance of the Made In France.

When COURBET was founded in 2018, non of the existing French laboratories were yet able to produce a diamond of the quality the Maison was looking for. 

The progress of Diam Concept now allows COURBET to offer to its customers the possibility of having a Made In France diamond set on their jewellery. Depending on the laboratory's production, this may sometimes take longer... but the qualities and the history behind these stones are worth the wait.

Do not hesitate to contact COURBET to order a Made In France diamond.

Request a Made in France diamond

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Meet Alix Gicquel

She reveals what it takes to grow the first ever french diamonds.

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