Let's Commit / Protecting wildlife and the marine fauna

Protecting wildlife and the marine fauna

While committed to its values of preserving the environment and protecting the quality of life of future generations, Courbet introduces Let's Commit, a program supporting eco-friendly and solidarity-based projects. Courbet has been working closely with two purpose-driven organizations focusing on the fauna.


Preserve wildlife with International Animal Rescue

As human populations expand, wildlife comes under increasing threat. International Animal Rescue protects animals, by rescuing, caring and rehabilitating them, while also preserving their natural environments. Whenever possible, rescued animals are released in their natural habitat, into protected areas, which contributes to the conservation of certain endangered species, like the orangutan.

Including those who live in water with Sea Shepherd

Committed to saving marine wildlife and habitats, Sea Shepherd aims to secure justice for the seas, by enforcing, strengthening and developing protective laws, treaties, policies and practices worldwide. They fight against the poaching of marine resources, offshore drilling or marine mammal exploitation while also raising public awareness about those unsustainable and damaging practices.

Other Let's Commit projects