Let's Commit / Preserving the environment

Preserving the environment

While committed to its values of preserving the environment and protecting the quality of life of future generations, Courbet introduces Let's Commit, a program supporting eco-friendly and solidarity-based projects. Courbet has been working closely with two purpose-driven organizations focusing on the planet.


Protect our forests with the Rainforest Alliance

Source of air, water, food and shelter, forests are essential to each living being on Earth. Forests are a powerful natural climate solution as trees absorb carbon emissions, converting them into clean oxygen. Together with forest and farming communities, Indigenous leaders, companies, governments, and global citizens, the Rainforest Alliance works to protect forests and their ecosystem internationally by promoting more sustainable land management practices.

Clean our oceans with The Ocean Cleanup

Every year, millions of tons of plastic enter the oceans, of which the majority spills out from rivers. The Ocean Cleanup was founded by a young Dutch inventor, who decided to take action after he went diving in Greece and saw more floating plastic than actual ocean life. The organisation aims to rid the oceans of 90 % of floating plastic by developing advanced technologies to clean the legacy plastic.