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MAY 09, 2022

Art: a tool for change

COURBET is not the kind to conveniently stay behind the place Vendôme’s walls. Meeting committed actors and raising awareness regarding ecological emergency through beauty and art : two ambitions that brought the house to The Caring Gallery situated rue Charlot in Paris.

A contemporary art gallery, of course, but with a singularity that is the commitment to social and environmental causes, thanks to the exhibited artists and gathered public. From 9 to 20 May 2022, The Caring Gallery presents the Close to eyes, close to heart exhibition, in partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute. Here, the mantra is to provide a better interaction with living beings and a peaceful relationship with nature.

Among the collected pieces, the Koffiefontein diamond mine photograph, shot by South-African artist Dillon Marsh, broadly echoes COURBET’s mainspring.

By the end of the exhibition, the house will precisely acquire this work, leading to an immediate donation of 10% of the sale price to the Jane Goodall Institute.

In the wake of its LET'S COMMIT charity program, this action is a step further for the jeweller.

© For What it's Worth serie, Dillon Marsh 

Because COURBET believes in the connection between art and craftsmanship, the house joins this celebration and once more claims its intention to work for the planet and its inhabitants’ future.

Following Gustave’s steps, COURBET intends to be the leader of a pioneering movement guided by goodness and beauty.

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