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JANUARY 18, 2023

Somewhere over the rainbow...

The lab-grown diamonds of the capsule collection designed by Marzia and COURBET reshuffles the cards of jewellery with joy and a hint of candor.

Discover the pieces of this creative adventure through three clues.

Discover the creations

- 5 -

It is the number of stone shades that can be found in the collection. Far from being the only colour of diamond, the white tint is surrounded by pink, blue, green and orange. Marzia’ sources of inspiration are from all over the world, and merge to create inspiring and lively pieces of jewellery.


- M -

A delicate recycled gold tassel swings to the rhythm of the movements. Marzia signs her creation with the letter M, which can also be pictured as a shooting star whose brilliance recalls the spirit of COURBET.


- 15% -

As an animal lover, Marzia perpetuates the commitment initiated by COURBET with International Animal Rescue. As usual, the jeweller donates 15% of the price of each Marzia x COURBET LET'S COMMIT bracelet sold to the organisation.


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