LET'S COMMIT carbone black cord bracelet in white gold LIMITED EDITION black diamond


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LET'S COMMIT carbone black cord bracelet in white gold LIMITED EDITION black diamond

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As part of its LET'S COMMIT solidarity program, COURBET donates 15% of the sale price of this bracelet to the association, of which we are partners, of your choice.

Bracelet in 18K white gold (0.70 g)

Carbone black Made in France polyester

  • CO pattern width: 4.00 mm
  • CO pattern length: 6.20 mm

Black lab-grown diamond

  • Weight: 0.10 carats

Discover the LET'S COMMIT carbone black cord bracelet in white gold for men or women in limited edition, combining minimalist design with strong symbolism. The emblems of Maison COURBET, the letters C and O forming the Latin prefix Co meaning "with," are positioned at the centre of the bracelet, highlighting the stunning black diamond that will add a touch of rock to your look. A true technical feat, this black diamond showcases the unparalleled know-how of Maison COURBET's crafstmen. Inspired by COURBET's LET'S COMMIT program, which is committed to preserving the environment and supporting charitable associations, this bracelet embodies a true commitment to choice. Maison COURBET thus commits to donating 15% of the sale price of each LET'S COMMIT bracelet sold. Available in 55 pieces, this bracelet can be worn alone or stacked, combining both elegance and refinement.

LET'S COMMIT cord bracelets are adjustable and made to fit wrists measuring between 14 and 19 cm. Please contact us if you wish to tailor your cord to a size that does not coincide with these measurements.

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