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DECEMBER 28, 2021

Courbet's Resolutions

There is not much between Revolution and Resolution.

Revolutionary would not be the word to describe the maison, since it does not aim to denounce neither the jewellery sector, nor historical players from the place Vendôme, but only offers a new alternative. Resolutionary, Courbet certainly is because its DNA itself was built on constant questioning of its own practices and its philosophy’s deepening.

As the first French jeweller to join science and technology for ecological and ethical stakes, thanks to recycled gold and laboratory-grown diamond, Courbet reinvents luxury codes and shows day after day that even the most precious materials can be conceived in a sustainable way. Long term work and a project for the future are the jeweller’s two linchpins, and this is why its commitments are repeated today.

Resolution 1


To favor knowledge sharing about laboratory-grown diamonds and to develop new tools to improve its comprehension on a large scale. The understanding of what we consume is primordial, and making Courbet a reliable source of information is one of the ways to reach that goal.

Resolution 2


To maintain partnerships with diverse organizations as part of the Let’s Commit initiative, and to open to new scopes of action of the associative sector. Courbet intends to pursue collaborations with other sustainable brands in order to build a true virtuous network.

Resolution 3


To continue to sublime goodness by creating unique and audacious jewellery collections, so each of our customers can identify Courbet's jewels. Taking the example of the Pont des Arts collection and its French diamond set on a lock, the maison innovates over the seasons to offer the best of the jewellery expertise.

Courbet is deeply convinced that there is no preset moment to make resolutions, and encourages today and tomorrow’s players to act, whatever the scale and the area. It always starts with an idea...

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