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COURBET Appartment welcomes you during the Olympic Games until August 3rd, before closing for the summer.

Come and discover our creations at 7 Place Vendôme, or even from home.

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Lab-grown diamond

A lab-grown diamond (also called a cultured diamond) is a diamond. Its chemical, physical and optical properties are identical to those of a mined diamond. The only difference is that mined diamonds are extracted from the earth whereas cultured diamonds are created in a laboratory - with no negative impact on our planet, and all the sparkle.

There are two methods for creating diamonds;

1/ The HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature) reproduces the same conditions in which diamonds were formed in the Earth.

2/ The CVD technology (Chemical Vapor Deposition) reproduces the conditions under which diamonds are created in space with a carbon rich gas being decomposed to allow the carbon atoms to accumulate in a void (diamonds were found in meteorites).

COURBET sources its diamonds from suppliers located in Antwerpen, Belgium, the world’s diamonds capital and also directly from the producers located mainly in the USA.

The mined and lab-grown diamonds have the same physical, chemical and optical properties. The only difference are their origines, mined from the depths of Earth or grown in laboratory as a fruit of a scientific wonders, and hence with far less impact on our planet and its inhabitants.

The lab-grown diamond (or cultured diamond) is just as a mined diamond a diamond, both consisting of carbon atoms aligned to provide the same physical, chemical and optical properties that creates the toughest material on Earth with the highest refractive index (ability to reflect light) of all stones used in jewelry.

Each diamond of more than 0.5ct, set in a jewellery from COURBET, comes with a certificate, issued by an independant and official organization, such as GIA (Gemological Institute of America), the IGI (International Gemological Institute) or the HRD based in Antwerpen. This document certifies the characteristics of the diamond set in the jewelry with the « 4 C » grading.

Colour : white diamonds are graded based on just how white they are from D to Z. The best possible grading is D for diamonds with an exceptional white colour. The grade « F » is for very white diamonds, « H » is for diamonds that seems white from above but can display a slight yellowish tone seen from the side. As of « I », the diamonds will have a visible yellowish colour.

Courbet uses only diamonds of colour « D », « E » and « F ».

Clarity : the inclusions in a diamond are « nature’s birth marks » , a distinctive characteristic making each stone unique. The more inclusions the less the clarity and value of the stone, since inclusions affect the diamonds ability to reflect light. The diamonds that are graded « FL » and « IFL » flawless and internally flawless, contains no inclusions and only a few blemishes and are the most precious. The grading « VVS1 » and « VVS2 » (very very small inclusions 1 and 2) are for stones containing inclusions difficult to see through a magnifying glass of 10x. « VS1 » and « VS2 » (very small inclusions 1 and 2 ) refers to inclusions that are everything from difficult to easy for and expert to identify with a 10X magnifying glass. With the grading « SI1 », « SI2 », « SI3 » (small inclusions 1, 2 and 3) the inclusions are visible through a magnifying glass and with « I1 » and « I2 » (inclusions 1 and 2) they are visible by the naked eye.

Courbet only uses stones whose clarity is superior or equivalent to « VS2 ».

Carat : in the certificate, you’ll find the stone’s exact weight in carat which is the unit used for precious stones.

Cut : the cut of a stone will be an important factor determining how well the stone reflects the light. This « C » in the certificate grades the stone’s cut as « poor », « fair », « good », « very good », « excellent » or even « ideal » to reflect the quality of the craftsmanship.

To these 4Cs, Courbet adds a fifth one: the C of conscience. By using laboratory grown diamonds, Courbet embrases an innovative, clean and socially respectful alternative.

COURBET is only using diamonds with the highest color - D,E, F or G for engagement rings

COURBET is only using diamonds with clarity grading superior or equal to VS2.

COURBET is only using diamonds whose cut has been graded ideal, excellent or good.

As of 0.5 carat of weight, COURBET’s diamonds are systematically sold with a certificate from an independent internationally recognized gemological institute that will specify the grading of the characterisitcs of the diamonds.

As of 0.5 ct, the lab-grown diamonds are laser engraved on the girdle with a serial number preceded by LG for ”laboratory grown” and corresponding to the same number on the certificate delivered by gemological institute.

The mining industry unavoidably entails pollution and destruction of the earth’s surface and the working conditions are consistent enough to conform with our human rights values. Until today, we did not have the choice. If we wished to wear a diamond jewelry, we needed to accept the lack of clarity and transparency associated with the stone’s origine and the conditions in which it was extracted from Earth. The desire is understandable, the diamond is the most beautiful, tough and brilliant stone. Since a few years, the magic of science and technology has provided an alternative: lab-grown diamonds shining brighter from their top quality and their ethical transparency. With these lab-grown diamonds and 100% recycled gold, Courbet has chosen a mine free, transparent, ethical and sustainable path for a clear conscious on your finger.

COURBET’s collections holds some pieces with rose, blue and yellow diamonds. In the future, we will very likely also propose colored stones such as emeralds, rubies and sapphires - all will of course be produced in laboratory and with the highest standards available.

We can guarantee that you will never end up with a mined diamond when purchasing a jewellery from COURBET.